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Adolescent care & treatment

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Adolescent care & treatment


11:00 am - 1:00 pm

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Dr.Ritu Gupta MS(OBS & Gynae)

Adolescent Care Matters

Adolescents often face a myriad of challenges, from hormonal changes to academic pressures and peer influences. It's essential to have specialized care tailored to their needs. Pushpam Gynae & Neuro Clinic recognizes the unique requirements of adolescents and offers a range of services to support their health and development.

Comprehensive Care Services

Pushpam Gynae & Neuro Clinic provides a one-stop solution for adolescent care. They offer gynecological, neurological, and mental health services specifically designed for young individuals. This integrated approach ensures that all aspects of an adolescent's health are considered.

Gynecological Care for Adolescents

Pushpam Gynae & Neuro Clinic offers specialized gynecological services for young girls. From the onset of menstruation to managing reproductive health, their experienced gynecologists ensure that adolescents receive the necessary guidance and care.

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Neurological Concerns

Neurological issues can affect adolescents, too. The clinic has a team of skilled neurologists who can diagnose and treat conditions such as migraines, seizures, and developmental disorders in adolescents.

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Nutrition and Wellness

Adolescents require proper nutrition for healthy growth. Pushpam Gynae & Neuro Clinic provides dietary counseling and wellness programs to ensure that adolescents maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

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Preventive Measures

Prevention is a cornerstone of adolescent care at Pushpam Gynae & Neuro Clinic. Regular check-ups and vaccinations are recommended to safeguard adolescents from potential health